A research proposal is one of formal academic writing that is written before actually conducting research. A research proposal gives an idea about the research that the researcher wants to conduct. It summarizes the research by explaining why the researcher wants to conduct the proposed research, what The basic aim of writing a research proposal is to persuade the university, research committee, and supervisors that the proposed research is worthy of being conducted and is significant in adding knowledge. to the domain of the study. Moreover, a research proposal is also written by the researchers to reflect that research taken by them is easy to manage and can be carried out within available resources and means or find someone to write my paper  . A research proposal is an important factor which if accepted only then the researcher can carry out his / her research. On the other hand, if supervisors or a university reject a research proposal one has to revise the research proposal. and has to submit it again for approval. Therefore, proper care must be given for writing a research proposal.



A research proposal must be written in an outline form before actually writing a research proposal. An outline is necessary because it sets a direction for writing an impressive research proposal. An outline is a method of structuring, planning, and organizing a research proposal, hence. A research proposal outline must include a title of the research; research introduction; research questions; literature review; methodology including estimated time plan of the research; analysis of the research; the significance of the research; conclusion, and references, etc. However, if you find difficulty in writing a perfect research proposal outline you may ask someone, “could undergraduate essay writing service  write my essay? ”These all factors must be included in the outline of a research proposal. A sample outline of a research proposal is also given below to give a clear idea about the outline structure of the research proposal.


Sample outline for Research Proposal


Title: Title:


Give a title of the proposed research along with the researcher's name and supervisor's name. Institution names can also be mentioned.


Summary of the research:


Gives an overview of the whole research. However, not all information should be revealed as doing so will make readers lose interest in your research. You can also Buy dissertation 


Introduction: Introduction:


Write background of the study undertaken


Motivation and objectives behind conducting research.


The rationale of the stud


Research questions or thesis statements must be written


Literature Review : Literature Review :



A commentary on the previous research conducted before the current research.


Give a summary of the previous knowledge regarding the research under study.


Find out the gap in the previous studies that your research is intended to study.


Give an account of why your proposed research is necessary to be conducted.


Compare and contrast your proposed research with the previous 




Provide a brief account of the theoretical framework which you are used for your proposed research.


Methodology of the research :


Describe in detail the methodology and research design you will be used for your proposed research (either qualitative or




Explain whether you will use primary sources or secondary sources for collecting the data.


Describe the purpose behind choosing your specific sample for study or find an essay writer for your paper.  


Explain your procedure for collecting data. (Using journals, statistical reports, books, laboratories, institutions, etc.)


Estimated time duration of the research:


Provide probable time duration for completion of your research.


Describe the feasibility of conducting your research.


Analysis of the research:


Describe what type of methods you will be used for analyzing the results.


Explain your estimated results.


Explain what kind of results will conform to your thesis statement or hypothesis.


Delineate what type of outcomes will disprove hypothesis / research questions / thesis statement


Significance of the research:


Describe the implications and impact of your research.


Explain how your study will be beneficial for future researches to be conducted in the field.


Delineate how and what your research study has intended to add to the previous studies and field of knowledge.


Explain the reasons why someone would provide funds to you if you want some kind of funding for conducting you research.


Conclusion: Conclusion:


Restate your purpose for conducting the proposed research.


Restate your problem statement / thesis statement or research 




Give brief recommendations for future studies.


References: References:


Give an account of all the research sources you have used for your research study.


Provide a citation for all sources according to the format of writing chosen for writing the research study.


An essay writer free suggests formulating an outline before actually writing a research proposal to write effectively. An outline serves as a mind map of all arguments to be written in A well-written outline can influence a supervisor to accept the research proposal. Therefore, one must give proper care and attention to writing an outline before writing a research proposal.  


The basic aim of writing a research proposal is to persuade the university, research committee, and supervisors that the proposed research is worthy of being conducted and is significant in adding knowledge to the domain of the study.


Therefore, you can ask for essay writing service free to provide you services for writing your research proposal outline. Besides this, an outline can help you to clear all your ideas regarding the research project. Therefore, it is recommended to write an elaborative and clear. outline for writing an impressive research proposal.